Computational Systems Biology

Our laboratory applies systems biology approaches to understand the molecular mechanisms of infectious diseases and vaccine-induced immunity.

Principal Investigator: Helder Nakaya

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Systems Immunology

With the technological revolutions that occurred in the past decades, we are now able to access and integrate information about all the components within a biological system (e.g., genes, proteins, cells) and use it to compute and predict that system’s behavior. When applied to immunology, systems biology approaches can help us to understand the mechanisms by which pathogens and vaccines stimulate protective immunity.



It is estimated that thousands of long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) are transcribed in the genome of several organisms. Yet, only a small fraction of them have been functionally characterized. Studying the expression profile of lncRNAs and how their expression correlates with the expression of protein-coding genes in various tissues and conditions will reveal interesting mechanisms of gene regulation. 



Systems Biology approaches provide a holistic view of biological processes, integrating the many different molecular components inside cells through highly complex networks. Our laboratory has developed a tool that identifies co-expression gene modules in an easy and reliable way.



Our research is performed by a multidisciplinary team of students and collaborators.


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SiPoS: Sickness Positioning System
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Nice explanation from Steven de Rooji “Hi mom! Okay, this is it! First, sit down, take a deep breath. Have
FBC0416: Fisiopatologia II (2017)
Objetivos O aluno deve ser capaz de descrever a fisiopatologia das principais doenças que afetam o sistema nervoso, cardiovascular, endócrino,
Social network architecture of human immune cells
Cool paper and cool database.